On Being Fired. No, Terminated. No, Laid off. No, Downsized, No …

Downsizing. Outplacement.  Job redundancy.  Organizational restructuring.  Reduction in force.  Change in work conditions.

Lost your job.  Outsourced.  Laid off.  Dismissed.  Let go. Terminated.  Axed.  Sacked.  Pink-slipped.

Involuntary part-time.  Voluntary part-time.   Victim of an economic cycle.  Early retirement.  Retired.

And even, dare I say, Consultant?

What’s with all the euphemisms?  Ok, so there are some legal distinctions, some face-saving distinctions, and lots of financial distinctions.  But let’s face it:  Fired is Fired.  If it isn’t truly your choice to move on to greener pastures, it does not ever feel good to be rejected.  And when you’re losing your source of income along with your self-esteem, it’s downright lousy. The least we can do is call it what it is.

Which is what they did at last week’s Wall Street Pink Slip Party where speed-networking at high volume promised relief from isolation, if not realistic hopes of finding a way back onto the career ladder.  Recruiters are the cool guys now?   And would you want to hire a tanked ex-banker you met in the men’s room?

Great business idea, though, for DealBreaker & TheLadders.  Just follow the desperation…

Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


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