Why You’ve Got to Practice Breathing Daily

Soothe the Stress:    A compendium of tips that work.  Try one, try ‘em all

Captain Sullenberger’s response to Katie Couric suggesting it “must have been hard to keep his cool” crashing his plane into the Hudson to save the day: 

“The physiological reaction I had to the situation was strong.  And I had to force myself to use my training and force calm on the situation.”

“Was it hard?”

“No, it just took some concentration.”

So it’s easy.  Just summon your training, and then concentrate. 

Ok. Not so easy for you and me.  Because whenever you “just” have to do one little thing, it turns out that little thing is the big thing.  So to react with all due calm and good judgment in an unimaginable crisis you have to prepare.  You need training and sufficient practice to be able to “force calm” when every bodily reaction is telling you that you’re anything but. 

So breathe.  Do your meditation practice.  Practice on a regular basis (twice a day, 10 minutes each minimum) and it will become second nature.  Because the stresses are coming.  And you don’t want to react like a panicked passenger, but like Sully, with matter-of-fact focus and cool.  You want easy, the kind of easy that comes from hard training and concentration.

Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


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