Gonna Lose Your Job?

Job Losses in Recent Recessions
Job Losses in Recent Recessions


Those around you are falling left and right, or so it seems.  You’re still standing.  For now.  But who knows if you’re going in the next cut?  You’re feeling vulnerable, and trying (not very successfully) not to think about it.

 So what to do?   Think about it!

Psychologists know that uncertainty increases anxiety.  And you’re anxious enough.  Follow these steps to more certainty and less anxiety.


  1. Increase information – find out what’s going on.  In your department, your company, your industry.  Listen to gossip, read, do some research.

  2. Assess the data – tag each piece of info ‘fact’, ‘rumor’, or ‘worry’. 

  3. Track down the rumors as best you can, worry for a set half hour each day (no more! and not before bed!), and start to deal with the facts by planning what you can and cannot do. 

  4. Spend half an hour daily (right after your worry time is good) generating contingency plans for the next step in your work life.  Nutty plans, sensible plans, acceptable plans, always-wanted-to plans.

  5. Now get back to work!  Do your job as if you were totally invested in it and your organization.  Give ’em your best.  And remember: you’re keeping just a bit for yourself, just in case.

 Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


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