Soothe the Stress: 3 Minute Bathroom Meditation

Soothe the Stress:    A compendium of tips that work.  Try one, try ‘em all  

Maybe you did TM in college.  Maybe you’ve thought about a yoga and meditation retreat.  Maybe you’ve wanted to learn, but it seemed daunting.  Or too touchy-feely.  Or too time-consuming.  Or too spiritual or religious. 

Well have I got a meditation practice for you!  Not the definitive one, just another of my quick tips that work.  This one you can even do at work. 

If you’ve been making your way through the Soothe the Stress posts, the beginning steps are going to look familiar.  Great!  That mean’s you’re starting to get it and are on your way to making stress reduction a regular part of your life.   

So.  Find a restroom (on another floor, if possible.  You want privacy) and go into a stall.  Close and lock the door. Sit on top of the closed toilet, arms and legs uncrossed.   (This is called ‘sitting comfortably’).  Do not stifle your giggle at the whole situation.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Inhale to a slow count of 5.
  3. Exhale to a slow count of 5.
  4. Repeat 5 times. 
  5. Now imagine you are in a beautiful place:  a waterfallwaterfall, the mountains, mountainsyour pajamas in bed, wherever you’re really happy and peaceful.
  6. As you inhale to the slow count of 5, allow yourself to breathe in the essence of this place.
  7. As you exhale to the slow count of 5, let yourself fill up with happiness and peace.
  8. Repeat a few times, ending with an exhalation that fills you with happiness and peace.  And this time, tell yourself to bring that feeling back into the world with you, as you slowly open your eyes, stretch, smile (this is a bit funny, no?), and reenter your everyday life.
Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.



4 responses to “Soothe the Stress: 3 Minute Bathroom Meditation


    To be fair, deep breathing and meditation are ritual methods for altering body chemistry.

    If a shot and a beer takes the edge off, it’s cheap and you look less silly for it. Even at the office.

  2. I love the 3-minute Bathroom meditation. This is a shortened version of a collection of numerous 10-minute stress reduction videos I’m producing in the UK for the workplace. Contact me if interested in doing something together.

  3. Hi – we love the angle you’ve got on the recession. We should link up! We were also in the Online Relief article from CNN… check us out and hit us on gmail to connect — we’re in this together!


  4. Thanks for a great blog. This really is top nothc and I keep coming back. Keep up the GREAT work Cheers

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