The No-Talking Cure

Thirty plus years of doing therapy has led me to conclude people do much better when they talk through their problems.  Talking about what’s difficult for you – and how and why – gives you perspective, helps you find more effective ways to cope, and lets you feel heard.

But talking about your “issues”  all the time is a terrible idea.  You’re worried about your portfolio, your clients leaving, your kids.  Your kids are worried about being popular, getting into college, a summer internship.  Sometimes, what you need is a break from talking or thinking about what’s worrying you.

So take one.  Every day.  Create a half-hour worry-free zone.  Half an hour each day when you don’t think or talk about whatever’s got you anxious.  Actively banish such thoughts by reminding yourself you can always worry later.  Actively focus your thoughts and the conversation on something – anything – you appreciate and can feel grateful for.  If you can’t think of anything, take a breath and really focus on feeling your breath.  And appreciate that.  Or remember you live in a free country.  statuelOr that you have someone, anyone, who loves you and who you love.  Make a list, take a moment, feel the good parts.  It’s a break you’ll come to cherish and a half-hour that will give you strength to carry on…

Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.

One response to “The No-Talking Cure

  1. i like the proposal writing part i have to keep these points in my mind for writing a better proposal in future as i am also a small business entrepreneur..thanks for sharing..

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