Soothe the Stress: Stress Leakage

Soothe the Stress: A compendium of tips that work. Try one, try ’em all.
Stress really doesn’t bring out the best in people, you know? Take the toll the emotional stress of carrying all our wishes and needs – along with the job requirements – has taken on President Obama. The hair’s getting grayer. On Prime Minister Brown’s visit, he’s not as cordial as he might have been. The man’s got to be stressed.

And chronic stress keeps us from being – or doing – our best. No matter how hard we try to keep it together, to play it cool, to control our emotions and think straight, there’s always a bit of “stress leakage”. It’s hard to stay focused every waking moment, so we can’t. The problem is, we don’t always choose when, where or how we lose it, even if just enough to peek through the mostly-in-control exterior. We get testy, we say the wrong thing, we smile a beat too late, we forget things. What to do? Well, to continue the pattern, here are 3 ideas. Lots more on the way…

1. Stress another system. Obama plays basketball. And he plays with his kids.
2. Acknowledge the stress. Don’t try to pretend it away; call it like you see it. And then, like the President, try to tackle it, one (or two or three interrelated) piece at a time.
3. Talk it through with someone you trust, who will be honest with you. Someone with no vested interest in the outcome save your best interest. Obama’s got Michelle. Who do you have?

Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


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