On Saving Face

faceAs if it’s not bad enough worrying about losing your job, paying the mortgage, having to tell the kids private school is out for next year, let alone summer camp and the annual (not this year) Spring break trip.
He’s got to worry about saving face. Or so he thinks.
He’s walking around all stony-faced, trying to act as if all’s right with his world. He can’t let ’em see him sweat, or they’ll smell defeat and run the other way, and then there’d be even fewer deals, less chance of a job, more pity. So he puts on the mask out in the world. And then comes home and loses it. With you. With the kids. With his poor parents he hardly ever calls. He’s feeling humiliated, ashamed, impoverished outside and in. And now is the time he really needs those emotional intelligence skills. And now is the time he realizes (cross your fingers) how underdeveloped they are. It’s ok, a guy can learn. But, as the light-bulb jokes go, only if he really, really wants to…
Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


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