Primer on Emotional Intelligence

EQEmotional Intelligence. You’ve got to have it to be a fully functioning adult. Obama’s got it big time. He represents the height of emotional intelligence, which is what these times demand. Witness how he wowed the crowds, the press, even heads of state during the recent G-20 summit and NATO meetings. His ability to listen and hear, to recognize shared concerns hidden within violently differing opinions, to formulate thoughts that bridge strong feelings – his high EQ offers hope we can understand and pull together at a time we so need it.

Obama’s developed his emotional intelligence over the course of a lifetime. Are some people “born with it?” No, they just learned very early on how to sense their own and others’ emotions, and how to comfortably and ably manage them. Then they spent a lifetime honing that ability until it feels automatic. Sure, it’s easier to learn early on, but it’s never too late. There are skills you can develop at any point in life, with a good teacher, the will to learn and the guts to practice.

The 4 Basic EQ Components:
The ability to perceive emotion
The ability to understand emotions
The ability to regulate emotions
The ability to integrate emotion to facilitate thought

Personal growth, interpersonal competency, intimate relationships, each of these benefit from a high EQ. Want it, work it, wield it. Is it worth it? You decide. Better yet, let the important people in your life decide.

Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


2 responses to “Primer on Emotional Intelligence

  1. I have identified this gift that Obama has naturally. He is a Master of this gift. People with a high Eq can be very vulnerable, especially when they have not learned how to regulate their emotions. I find this the most difficult component to use my Eq to benefit myself and others. What I have observed when watching Obama’s public interaction’s with the public and Diplomats is his ability to sheild himself from the negativity. To integrate emotion to facilitate thought has been frowned upon in many arena’s; whether it be a classroom or the corporate world. Thank you for this insightful message. ..

  2. Obama’s high EQ is what has made him so successful. I believe that he understands feelings so much, that it has made it seamless an easy for him to lie and manipulate others. Too bad Obama doesn’t have a high moral and ethical quotient!

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