On Bubbles – Bursting and Otherwise

bubble_colorful_colors_221291_l1The economic bubble has burst. And we are, so many of us, anxious and overworked (or underworked), racing and multi-tasking, facing realities difficult and painful. As it should be; we need to be out in the world, effecting change, making the good things happen. After childhood, living in a bubble doesn’t protect us from the real world, it isolates us from it.

But sometimes we yearn to be in an emotional bubble: protected from and rising above the cacaphony of life. In the bubble, time stands still. Time out of time, that feeling that this is the only moment. Tenderly creating and sharing our own discrete and peaceful space, here and now. We float gently together, a graceful respite from coping and working and having and doing.

In our shared bubble, we let go – of control, of fear, of separation – no longer knowing or caring who is who, or whose is whose. In our shared bubble, there is no trying, just being. We trust; we lighten up and float freely with no agendas or demands, no reticence or false separations. And in this fragile and delicate shared moment just we two, we each gather the strength to reenter the world…

Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


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