You and Your Therapist: Part IV. How to Tell if Your Therapy’s Working.

You begin to question your psychological assumptions – about yourself, your relationships, your world view.

You are learning something – about yourself and about how others perceive you.

You start to think about things in a different way; it may be more than a bit unnerving.

You feel like, finally, the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together, and what seemed impossible is now clear, simple (even if you couldn’t explain it to anyone else!).

You are uncomfortable enough that you know you’re facing something about yourself, but comfortable enough to trust that you can handle it.

You find yourself trying out what you learned in therapy outside of the therapy session.

You start doing things, try new behaviors, you never did before, and notice what happens.

You stop doing things, resist old behaviors you always did before, and notice what happens.

You go home for a family reunion and the same things that have always driven you crazy – amazingly – don’t!

You hear your therapist’s voice in your head – before you do something the way you used to, the way it didn’t work, and you do something, anything different.

You can see the progress you have made on the problems/issues you came into therapy to address.

Your friends or family tell you you’ve changed. You’re not the pushover you used to be, you don’t get as angry as you used to, you seem more comfortable in your own skin.

You can really ask yourself “why in the world did I do that?” Not berate yourself, but ask yourself. And then listen quietly and gently as you try out some possible answers.

You feel hopeful about the future.

You finally understand why in the world you keep doing the same thing and expecting a new result.

Other thoughts? Please… Write in.

Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


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