On Love, Chocolate, and Romance

chocolateAh yes, love. Love is action, caring for the other person as if that person’s pleasure and happiness, as if ensuring the best for that person, pleases you even more than pleasing yourself. Not theoretically, or ideally, but actually does.

Like how you feel when your kid asks if she can have the last of the favorite imported dark chocolate or do you want it, mom, and you find yourself saying, even believing, of course you can have it. And not because you don’t want it, weren’t planning on it, hadn’t been craving it. But because it pleases you more that she have it, that you watch her enjoy it…

THAT feeling, but with a sensual component, a shared laughter component, a you-and-me-babe secret-code component…

Unromantic situations? How’s this: She loved him, adored him, called him multiple times a day to tell him how handsome, how sweet, how beloved he was. He loved her, left her little notes and bought her trinkets for no good reason except they reminded him of her, couldn’t keep his hands off her neck, her hair. Who loved whom first? One of them. They each knew who began it, but it seemed eons ago. Because after some time, it wasn’t clear who did what to whom or who began it or … it was all just love.

And then she got cancer. and it spread and she began wasting away. And then he cried when he left for work and brought home funny jokes and funnier movies. And then he sat with her as she waited for treatments, and sneaked into the treatment room to hold her hand. And then he carried her into the bathroom. And then into the bathtub and washed her body, tears of joy and sorrow coming down his face, not wanting anyone else to take his pleasure, his joy in caring for her. Until she died…

True story. More than one true story (though not nearly enough of the true stories).

So love. How you feel or what you do? Both. And more…

Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


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