Graduating into the Recession

He thought he’d pick up an internship at the last minute. 3.7 gpa, great school, lots of offers last summer. This summer: nothing. Nothing. Found a job at a downtown day camp on Craigslist.

She took the offer because the money they were paying would help her tolerate the work and the hours she so disliked. Then they cut the interns pay in half without telling them. What were they going to do, leave?

She moved to the city, took a room in a group house in Queens even though it was geographically undesirable, and spent more on food (she had to eat out – no kitchen) than she’d been spending on monthly rent. But she couldn’t complain: she had a paid internship, while most of her friends weren’t so lucky.

Summer’s over. Back to school. High school, college, graduate school, even. And the anxiety level’s rising as kids look to their future and don’t see how they’re going to find work, let alone work in their field of interest. And these are the optimistic even idealistic years. Time to find some solutions here, before disillusionment sets in and with it indifference and depression. The kids’, that is…

Copyright © 2009 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


One response to “Graduating into the Recession

  1. It definitely is tough with today’s economic climate to land a decent job after graduating from college. The one thing that this person has is the internship advantage over other college grads that don’t have relevant work experience. Interning at a company brings exposure to the person and who knows, maybe when the company is ready to hire, the student’s name will be on top of the list. More and more students should take advantage of internships.

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