The Time Value of Money?

How about the money value of time?

Damon Darlin, in Sunday’s The New York Times Business section, writing about the time we spend trolling the Web to save a few of our hard-earned dollars: “It’s Free Only if Your Time is Worthless.”

Who’s working for whom? Is the Web working for us, or are we working for it?

Any behavioral economists out there want to answer this question: How to value our “free” time?

Time is money…
and money, in these times…

What’s more valuable – and when?
How do we balance our time and our money?

Copyright © 2010 Marlin S. Potash. All rights reserved.


2 responses to “The Time Value of Money?

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  2. Here is a new peppy 1-minute video giving people advice on frugality and the responsible use of debit, ATM and credit cards.

    “Card Tricks Revealed: How Not To Burn Money”

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