Can’t Be Said Much Better Than This…

Life’s never easy.  We can decide what we want.  (Well,  some of us can;  for others, even knowing what we want is not so easy). 

There’s much we can choose, if we are fortunate.   And we are all, all of us, quite fortunate (even when, on those bad days, we don’t feel that way).  And though there’s no sure-fire path to getting it all, good psychotherapy can help find – and clear – the path to happiness.  Search, question, focus, discipline, know what matters, meditate, learn about and face oneself honestly in the company of a therapist who listens and “gets it”: safe landing, real contentment and true happiness are indeed possible.

Even if there’s no guarantee of getting/having even what we (think we) need.  Even if it’s finding and traveling the path to, not being and staying at some desired destination.

Sometimes therapy’s about listening – both the therapist, and the patient – to the felt need.   Permitting the feelings, the desires, the sense of urgency:  wanting what we want, when we want it.

And then accepting that it is however it is.  And if we share our most private wishes with someone who hears, gets it – and accepts us as we are – well, sometimes, maybe, that’s really as good as it gets.  And it’s quite good enough.

Is it any wonder people fall in love with their therapists?

Copyright © 2011 Marlin S. Potash.  All rights reserved.


2 responses to “Can’t Be Said Much Better Than This…

  1. Fascinating blog.
    Great post here. Wonderful writing, well said.
    I get the opposite of what I want in therapy it feels like to me most of the time. Turns out though it’s exactly what I need and no one but this woman has ever been brave or smart enough to give it to me.
    Sort of sucks though.
    Getting well sucks in a million ways.
    Been thinking about starting a blog about my therapy experience, but my therapist thinks it’s not a good idea even if it’s anonymous. Thinks I’m trying to move stuff that belongs in the session out of it.
    I have a few posts on my regular blog (which she also thinks is too exposing) about therapy. Nothing too intense though.

  2. I believe that life would be much easier if healthier if we could get to do what we really want in life. Don’t let other people dictate you which road you should go because it’s your happiness at stake.

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