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If Lightning Strikes…Publish?

lightningstrikesFeeling inspired at 3 am when you can’t sleep – and writing until dawn? Coming up with a solution for our times that the world needs to read about? Turning the detritus of recessionary times into a literary work of art?

Want to publish?

Our friends Gregory F.Tague, Ph.D. and Fredericka A. Jacks at Editions Bibliotekos, a new Brooklyn-based publisher, are soliciting original creative contemporary prose for publication in upcoming theme-based collections. In the works: Medical Humanities, War and Peace, Adoption, Faith and Doubt, Immigration, 9/11-2011.

If you inundate them with terrific writing, maybe even something on the psychology of the 2009 Recession.

Full CALL and guidelines: http://sites.google.com/site/ebibliotekos/
Periodic updates: http://ebibliotekos.blogspot.com

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