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Uncommon Wisdom About Psychotherapy and Change
Attachment to Your Therapist II – December 23, 2012

ilya.b-on-flickrMarlin Potash, who blogs in “Feeling Up in Down Times” describes the excellent concept of “Therapy Love.” What is so special about the therapy hour, which Dr. Potash describes as a “bubble” is that it exists outside the mainstream of life.


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recessionwiregroupshotcrop2-thumb-autox100by the founders of Recessionwire, Sara Clemence, Lynn Parramore and Laura Rich.

Feeling Up in Down Times
Substantive advice on dealing with difficult times, written by a psychologist.

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Well, it’s official. Feeling Up in Down Times has hit the big time – we’re mentioned in April 12’s Salon.com!: “Pinched”, a series about life during a recession. Giving the Recession the Finger. It’s the last dance, the recession vacation. Party hard and forget your troubles. Until they make sure you can’t forget them. Good idea, to get away from it all, or terrible idea, to pretend you can? Robert Lanham writes about the urge to splurge when you should do anything but. And I opine…

Dr. Marlin Potash, a psychologist and founder of the blog Feeling Up in Down Times, noted that the adjectives used by marketers in the travel industry have changed.

“Instead of advertising something as being ‘luxury,’ marketers are now more likely to emphasize the word ‘discount,'” said Potash. Even high-end tourism brands, she said, that traditionally didn’t want to be associated with terms like “bargain” and “cheap” — such as W Hotels and Four Seasons — are offering recession discounts.

Potash worries that young people, especially those who have never had to endure sustained economic difficulties, are being snookered by the so-called travel savings, when they should be putting money in the bank or, at the very least, staying put and sucking it up.

“There is a kind of adolescent thinking that does not pay attention to the fact that there are times when you can’t have everything you want,” said Potash. “Many young people, and people in their 30s, have always had it good. They aren’t used to living without, and it’s going to take them a little bit longer to adjust.”


Fuck it. Let’s go. It’s become a common mantra, as we wait and wonder — bank accounts dwindling — if we’re headed for an economic black hole. Maybe we should collectively heed the wisdom of our Depression-era grandparents and learn how to quilt trousers out of flour sacks. But most of us grew up spending, and we’re having a hard time stopping now. Irresponsible? Perhaps. But I think it’s also evidence that we are refinancing our priorities. Changing the accounting on what’s important. And we’re perfectly aware — well, hopefully many of us are — that tighter budgets must follow. Last hurrahs, after all, should be a prelude to change.

“There’s an expectation in America,” said Dr. Potash, “that you can enjoy whatever you want now and the money will eventually roll in. It’s good to be optimistic but at some point one has to face reality.”

She’s right. And let’s be clear, if the proverbial floor does drop out, we’ll all have to make some painful sacrifices.


By Jessica Ravitz   CNN  February 24, 2009

For those who can’t steal from children, avoid recession news or escape their own bleak realities, Marlin Potash, a New York City psychologist of 30 years, was inspired to step into the blogosphere for the first time. Her blog, Feeling Up in Down Times, went live about six weeks ago.

It’s been Potash’s way to “bring psychology to the people,” at a time when many can’t afford it or are stymied by what they perceive as the stigma of going to therapy, she explains. By offering advice online, including stress-reduction tips such as the “3 Minute Bathroom Meditation,” she’s hoping to bring what she knows from her field to the recession-weary masses who may never step into a professional’s office.

“We’re all in this together,” Potash says. “And it’s going to be a longer haul than we think.” http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/02/24/recession.web.sites/index.html


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Feeling Up in Down Times

It’s a crisis of confidence, the experts tell us–the deepening worldwide depression is as much psychological as economic.

So while politicians haggle over tone-deaf solutions, it’s time to call in the psychologists to help families deal with the loss of jobs, homes and the sense of security that Americans have always taken for granted.

Into the breach today is a new blog by my long-time friend Marlin Potash, a psychologist who, after counseling high achievers and their families through the good times, has pithy advice for facing the bad.

The doctor is in. Here.

ROBERT STEIN – Editor, publisher, media critic and journalism teacher, is a former Chairman of the American Society of Magazine Editors, and author of “Media Power: Who Is Shaping Your Picture of the World?